The Famous French Onion Soup Dumplings

This is the dish that made Chris Santos famous. The longtime judge on CHOPPED is known for his playful takes on culinary classics, and I was honored to work with him on his first cookbook, SHARE. These morsels are inspired by Chinese soup dumplings, but Chris gives them French flair. Be sure to read the Note at the end of the recipe about the dumpling yield.

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From-Scratch Green Bean and Mushroom Casserole

I belong to a Facebook group of cookbook lovers.  Recently, someone there started a post about making green bean casserole–the familiar one made with cream of mushroom soup. There were over a hundred comments in the thread, proving how this dish has become part of the American cook’s vernacular.  For my part,  I am a […]

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Pancetta-Wrapped Roast Pork with Blackberry Sage Sauce

For a guy who has created hundreds (if not thousands…it’s true!) recipes over the years, it is difficult to choose my favorite recipes. But, this roast pork is up at the top of the list. It is absolutely perfect for the holidays. The roast can be wrapped in the pancetta a day ahead and roasted just before dinner, and the pan deglazed with the pre-made sweet and savory sauce.

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