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Moist and Cakey Cornbread with Fresh Corn

I often swap (swipe?) recipes with (from?) my dear friend Beth Hensperger, who has written almost as many recipes as I have over the years. OK, we’re neck and neck. But the main reason I bring up the Babe of Baking is cornbread. Both of us were raised on a not-very-authentic version of the Southern classic that used canned corn as the moistening agent.

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Seeded Bread Twists

These beautiful soft bread sticks, decorated with savory seeds, will be a conversation piece, both for their looks and their flavor.

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Homemade Potato Rolls

When I tell you that these are the fluffiest, lightest rolls on earth, I mean it. Cooked potatoes replace some of the flour, which reduces the gluten to increase the rolls’ tenderness. I don’t make them for every dinner party only because sometimes I don’t have the time to make the mashed potatoes. You’ll see recipes that use leftover or instant mashed potatoes, but don’t be deceived—these big rolls are best with freshly cooked spuds.

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