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Tiki Cocktail Friday!

mai tai blue.jpgHappy Friday!  Celebrate with one (or both) of these terrific tiki drinks.  For some inexplicable reason, tiki drinks fell out of fashion for a couple of decades.  Perhaps the reason was that bartenders (both professional and "rumpus room" barkeeps) got lazy and didn't want to bother measuring out the various ingredients.  Phooey, I say!  Get out a jigger, go buy some paper umbrellas, and get shakin'.  Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you (bongo drum-roll here) the Mai Tai and the Blue Hawaiian!  

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Cocktail Time with Mr. Boston

martiniBoozehounds, I have your dream job.  I have just been chosen, along with the wonderfully talented mixologist Jonathan Pogash, to share editing responsibilities for the 75th Anniversary Edition of Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Guide.  The book will be published in Fall 2011 by Wiley and Sons. Those of you have spend time behind a bar know this as the indispensable little red book that every cocktail lounge, from luxe to louche, keeps on hand to crib the official recipe for any given alcoholic beverage.  With over 1500 recipes, that means your favorite is in there.  

Recently, I took a Jonathan's cocktail lab class at Astor Center in New York, and created this drink, The Elder Statesman, with my classmate Rafael.  It starts with good ol' gin, takes a contemporary turn with elderflower liqueur, and has a mojito vibe from muddled raspberries and lime.  Keep reading to get the recipe.  

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Two Eggnog Recipes

Thumbnail image for 1194500011.jpgEggnog, in all of its creamy, luscious glory, is a must-have at my holiday parties.  I love its nutmeg aroma and thick, booze-spiked flavor, even when the flavor is artificially produced with the extract in the supermarket version.  Here are my two favorite homemade eggnogs.

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