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Manhattan Clam Chowder

Man Clam Chowder.jpgAt the request of my buddy Guy Bower (I love being on his radio show at KNSS AM Wichita), here is a great Manhattan Clam Chowder.  It is one of my favorite lunch dishes, but really, it is hearty enough for supper, too.  I use clam juice and a container of refrigerated clams here for a very easy meal.   Just be sure to cook the potatoes separately, as the acids in the tomatoes keep the potatoes from softening properly.    

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The Perfect Manhattan Cocktail

dreamstime_xs_21255322.jpgWith the Mad Men premiere on its way, I am feeling very Don Draper these days (I wish people would quit mistaking me for Jon Hamm!)  The Manhattan is a retro cocktail that is re-establishing itself.  It has long been one of my favorites, but in recent years, I have been improving the drink by using high-quality ingredients.  A Manhattan only has three ingredients, so they had better be great, as each  flavor is strong.  The traditional garnish is a maraschino cherry, and even that can be upgraded.  Here's how I make the best Manhattan around...

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Cherries Jubilee for Your Mad Men Party

Cherries Jubilee.jpgOn March 25, the long awaited (and long delayed) Season Five premiere of Mad Men will occur, and many fans will return to the tradition of the Sunday night Mad Men dinner.  The key to these dinners is choosing food that you can prepare easily so you don't miss a thing on the television.  My vote for dessert is Cherries Jubilee, which, if you want to show off, can be done in a chafing dish, or made ahead and warmed and flamed in the ktichen.  The dish is traditionally made with kirsch or brandy, which you may not have in the house because they don't feature in many cocktails.  Now, bourbon...that's another story!  I have lately been adding Four Roses Bourbon (my favorite brand) to the recipe, and it goes down pretty easily!  Here's the recipe, a sneak preview from my THE MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD SIXTIES COOKBOOK, which will be released in April.  

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