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Shun Lee West Nixon in China Menu

NIXON-3-popup.jpegLast week, my friend Michael Tong, owner of Shun Lee restaurants in Manhattan, and a man who is immeasurably responsible for how New Yorkers eat Chinese food, called me with an interesting request.  John Adam's opera, Nixon in China, is about to make its debut at the Metropolitan Opera, which is right across Broadway from Shun Lee West.  Michael was going to recreate the famous banquet that Zhou Enlai made for Nixon in 1972.  (Actually, he this was the second time that he had pulled this off.)  Would I come in and work with his chefs to write down the recipes for the New York Times?  I ran over...even in the snow.  To see the recipe that the New York Times ran, keep going...

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Braised Lamb Shanks with Feta and Olives

Rick_02_15_0800019.jpgMy brain is working overtime trying to find something positive in the cold weather that we have had on the east coast this winter. About the only thing I can come up with is that the chilling temperatures are the perfect excuse for braising meaty stews for supper. Lamb shanks are a cut that clearly illustrates why meat on the bone is so prized by serious cooks.  The bones give up their gelatin to lend a wonderful texture to the sauce, and the meat is the personification of succulence.  One of the reasons I love it is because (outside of the lamb shanks, which require a trip to the store), I can pull it off with ingredients that I have in the house--canned tomatoes, olives, vino, and other Mediterranean staples.  It's what I am making for dinner tonight.  (photo by Ben Fink)

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IACP "Food Writer as Chameleon" Webinar This Wednesday

dreamstime_14581301.jpgJust a reminder to IACP members that I will be giving a Webinar on "The Food Writers as Culinary Chameleon" this Wednesday at 12 noon EST.  You do have to be an IACP member to attend.  Here's the link with the pertinent information.  I will be talking about how today's food writers have to be aware of the many changes in our field, and how to change your skin to get work.  I hope to "see" you there! 

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