Monthly Archives: December 2010

Crab Cioppino for New Year’s Eve

You can keep your caviar.  When New Year’s Eve rolls around, give me crab cioppino.  In San Francisco, where I grew up, winter is Dungeness crab season, so cooks are always looking for ways to serve it before it disappears until next year.  Nothing warms the soul and makes me look forward to a year of […]

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Chicken and Spinach Lasagna

I’ve already gotten a few personal emails wondering what I am going to make for my own Christmas dinner this year.  Usually, it is a big hunk of roast beef, but this year, I need to keep to down to a dull roar with lots of make-ahead dishes.  Lasagna has got to be the All-Time Classic […]

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Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing

My Christmas cookies are done! I come from a long line of Christmas cookie bakers, and they took the job very seriously.  My great aunts taught me to make an annual list of my cookies, and to take notes on the yields, adjustments to make next year, and other details.  They also showed me that […]

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Duck for the Holidays

The other day I was on Martha Stewart’s radio show on XM with my good friend Betsy Karetnick and we were talking duck.  One of my favorite holiday meals is duck–especially for New Year’s Eve.  But it isn’t a very friendly dish to make for a crowd.  Here’s my way of doing it–saute the breasts and roast […]

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Two Eggnog Recipes

Eggnog, in all of its creamy, luscious glory, is a must-have at my holiday parties.  I love its nutmeg aroma and thick, booze-spiked flavor, even when the flavor is artificially produced with the extract in the supermarket version.  Here are my two favorite homemade eggnogs.

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