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Epicurious 15th Anniversary Bash at Eataly

cajeta.bmpLast night, I went to a great party to celebrate epicurious.com's 15th anniversary.  It was held at the Manzo restaurant inside white-hot Eataly.  I expected a huge crowd, but it was actually a relatively small, intimate gathering (for New York, anyway) of about a hundred folks who have been a part of epicurious's life during the last decade-and-a-half.  For a video of highlights, click here.

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Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Earl Grey Ganache

Thumbnail image for Chocolate_Sandwich_Cookies_00082.jpgFor tea lovers who also have a passion for chocolate, these cookies will be heaven-sent.  Rounds of chocolate sugar cookies are joined with Earl Grey tea ganache, which adds the citrus-like taste and perfume of bergamot orange to the filling.  Milk chocolate is used in the ganache, as bittersweet could overpower the tea.  Rather than roll and cut out the cookies, the dough here is formed into a log, refrigerated, and sliced into rounds, so allow time for the dough to chill. 

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Bon Appétit Loses Editor

Barbara Fairchild is leaving Bon Appétit Magazine after thirty-two years, the last ten as editor-in-chief.  This is a sea change that will have even the heartiest sailors on the stormy journalistic waves reaching for their Dramamine. 

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Asian Tea-Smoked Barbecued Ribs

ribsSmall.jpgI was gone all week at the Greenbrier Professional Food Writer’s Symposium, and when I got home, there wasn’t much in the refrigerator except for a Cyrovac-ed bag of baby back ribs that I had forgotten about.  Working quickly to use them before the expiration, I threw these incredible ribs together for dinner with friends.  Sticky, sweet, salty, meaty—they have everything that I ask for from ribs, except for low fat content. 

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Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Lemon_Meringue_Cupcakes_00008.jpgI am thrilled to announce the publication of my latest books, Tea and Cookies and Coffee and Cake.  They are like fraternal twins--you will see some similarities, even if they aren't identical.  Both start with lots of information about how to shop for and make your favorite caffeinated beverages, and then offer perfect pastry partners.  This recipe for Lemon Meringue Cupcakes is bound to become a favorite at your house, just as it is at ours. 

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