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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for RodgersPhotoDoben.jpgWelcome to my new blog-slash-website!  It has been  freshly designed to make it easier to find out about my goings-on.  There are lots of new features to tell you about.

Blog I have switched over to the blog for many reasons.  People expect a food writer to weigh in on the many topics and issues in the food world—and the many things in the general world that involve food.  As cookbook writer, recipe developer and tester, and culinary teacher, a lot goes on in my kitchen, and now I have a way to quickly share the happenings. 

Recipes  All of the recipes  from my old site have been moved here, and I will continue to add more.  You can also find a lot of my recipes on cookstr.com

Culinary Services  This is a list of the various services that I offer to my corporate clients. 

Schedule  You will find all of my cooking classes and appearances listed here

Store  Very often, in my recipe testing, I come across utensils and ingredients that I want you to know about.  In this tab, you’ll find the items and links on where to buy them easily. 

Books  Use this tab when you want to purchase one of my books.  It will take you directly to the book’s page at amazon.com

Videos  Links to my various videos (online cooking classes, homemade videos on turkey, television appearances, and otherwise) can be found here. 

About Rick  Here you’ll find a career summary, my (almost) complete publishing history, and my professional biography. 

Links  A list of my favorite blogs

I will be posting at least every week, so come back often.  I have three new books coming out this fall (Tea and Cookies, Coffee and Cake, and Sarabeth’s Bakery), plus two more for Williams-Sonoma as the editor (The World Kitchen and Cooking Essentials), so come back soon and often.


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sarabeth levine  | September 17, 2010 10:27 AM

Love your new site. I am looking forward to recieving your newsletter and congratulations on all of your new books. You are the best!

Maria Springer  | September 18, 2010 6:39 PM

Hi Rick.......great seeing you on your blog......and I have subscribes and am looking forward to receiving your newsletters and blog postings.
I would love for you to see my blog as well, which I started in February:
All my best........

diane kniss  | September 19, 2010 2:16 PM

Hi Rick - I just saw the new site and it looks wonderful. Glad to see all the recipes you've put in and I'm off to make the lemon meringue cupcakes for my friends for tonight. I'll be watching for the newsletter. Thanks, Diane

Mary Francis  | September 19, 2010 6:14 PM

can't wait until this year's Thanksgiving class at The Silo. I make the turkey stock every year and last year made the sweet potatoes with praline topping that's on this site. I did 2 Thanksgivings last year - one at the end of October for visiting friends from England and Australia, who absolutely love it. Your recipes are the best!

Andrea Burnett  | September 20, 2010 2:25 PM

Rick, my love! Congrats on the blog and the new site. Looks fabulous! In the fall, PLEASE make a point of posting the recipe for your famous mac n Cheese from you book, "Williams-Sonoma Comfort Food". That is bar none, the BEST recipe in the world for this American fave. Love you!

John Powell  | September 23, 2010 12:02 AM

My wife Deborah and I met you several years ago at a Draegers cooking class. I know she corresponded with you and she really loved being in touch with you. She died a few years ago, but started a tradition I carry on - Thanksgiving and Christmas 101 editions as gifts. I bet I've given away a couple of dozen of each. The new site looks great and I wish you all the best ,
John Powell

Maddy Cohen  | September 27, 2010 5:31 PM

Rick, love the site, the design and especially "coffee & cake." As always, easy to follow, superb recipes. Speaking of "Comfort Food," I hope it becomes a classic. I've promised each of my sons a copy when they graduate within the next couple of years. Congrats! Maddy

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